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Tanya [userpic]

The Fight

October 10th, 2015 (12:49 am)

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Hello there! Here is my latest story. Hope you like it. :)

Title: The Fight
Author: anyagotr /stargazzer
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ten, Donna Noble
Rating: PG
Prompt: None. Came about after a fight.
Summary: There was a fight, but things didn't go the way they should have.
Disclaimer: I do not own, have any affiliation, nor know anyone that can claim to own or work for Doctor Who. I did this for fun.
A/N: Not based on true events. The only true event was that there was a fight. Everyone fights. Also, if there are any errors. I apologize.

They had fights before. They've had horrible fights. Fights that would seem to end all fights in the universe, but never had he just walked away, and left her. If he walked away, he would have went into one of his many private rooms on the TARDIS, or, if they had been on a planet, like they were this time, he'd just storm back to the TARDIS and wait for her to join him, giving them both time to cool off. He had never truly left her, though. Never did she imagine that she would end up stranded on a strange planet, in a strange time. Left behind, because of something stupid she had said to him.

Donna Noble sat under the red tree with bright blue flowers, and cried. She truly didn't know what else to do. She was so angry, and so upset, and so lost. The day started off better than most. The Doctor had landed them on some moon orbiting a gas giant. There were some small animals about, but nothing to big, at least not in the area of the moon they were exploring. He had told her that humanoids wouldn't land on this particular moon for hundreds of years yet. They walked about for a while, just talking, joking, and just enjoying each other. At the moment, she didn't remember exactly what was said that caused her to react with such a verbal attack. Nothing he had said was actually hurtful, or even directed at her. She had no idea what went through her mind at the time, but here she sat. Alone, afraid, against a very beautiful, blossoming tree. There was nothing left to enjoy. She was all by herself on this planet now. At the moment, it seemed like it was possibly be forever. If the Doctor did come back for her, he'd probably take her straight back to her mother's house, and leave her there. She'd rather spend the rest of her life on this planet. Alone.

As her tears slowly stopped, Donna found herself remembering less and less as to how she ended up on this planet. The orange glow of the sky was slowly turning to a dark purple. She laid down under the bright red tree with it's now starting to glow, blue flowers. They were beautiful, but she somehow felt like something huge was missing. She caught her hand reaching out, unconsciously, as if searching for something. Besides thinking it was slightly odd, she didn't give it another thought, and continued to watch the sky darken, and the peddles of the flowers in the tree glow brighter.

Donna thought that she had just closed her eyes for a few moments, but when she opened her eyes, the sky was completely dark. The stars glistened, like diamonds in the sky. In the far distance in the sky, she was just barely able to see the different colors from the galaxy. Something in her made her very sad though. She felt a complete sadness fall over her, as she sat up against the tree again. Something very important was missing. What it was, she couldn't remember, but it must have been the most important thing in her life. She felt like her heart was shattered beyond repair, and missing. It was the most dreadful feeling she had ever remembered feeling.

Slowly Donna got to her feet. She looked down to see the glowing peddles sticking to her ankle length skirt, and shirt. She tried to brush them off, but they wouldn't budge. A few feet away she noticed a little creek. She walked over, and was surprised at how clearly she was able to see herself in the creek. Looking at her reflection, she noticed the glowing flowers and peddles were also stuck in her hair. She tried to move her hair around, but the peddles didn't move. She tried to pull them out of her hair, but she just ended up pulling her hair out. She decided it was better just to leave them where they were.

Donna looked at herself in the slowly running water. Something seemed so strange about all this. Where was she? Was this her home? No. Something inside her told her it wasn't. But why was she here? This all seemed wrong, but she couldn't remember why she was here, or, for that matter, who she was. Did she belong her? Off in the distance she heard a noise. It sounded like something she should know, but she ignored it and just continued to look at herself in the reflective river. All the blue flowers were glowing and lit her up so that she could see herself in the almost complete darkness. They gave her comfort, and made her feel better about herself.

She kneeled in front of the water and reached down to touch it. Just as her hand was about to connect with the reflective water, another hand stopped her. She looked at the hand for a few moments. It looked kind of like hers, only this one was a little bit larger, and seemed very familiar to her for some reason. She slowly looked up at the arm that was attached to the hand that was holding her wrist. This is it, this was the thing that she was missing. Seeing what was standing slightly behind her, holding her had was what as missing that made her so sad.

Slowly she stood up and turn towards what she has been missing. It was taller than her, kind of skinny, but what she loved. What was it? She closed her eyes a moment to try to remember. Man. He. That was right. She opened her eyes again and looked up at him and smiled. What she saw on his face made her happier, although she didn't know why. He looked... relived. Yes. That was the right word. His lips were moving now, saying something, but she didn't recognize it. He was speaking to her, but she didn't understand him. It was fascinating what he was doing though. She looked at him with interest and curiosity.

He stopped talking and his lips stopped moving for a moment. He looked at her with sadness all of a sudden, and it made her very sad to see that. She wanted to fix it, so she did what seemed to come naturally to her in order to fix his sadness, she shook her head to indicate to him that she didn't want him to be sad, placed her hand on his cheek and smiled at him. She then did something that seemed to surprise him a great deal, but his body told her that it made him happy. She got up on her tip toes, and touched her lips to his now none moving lips. After a moment or two, one of them, she wasn't sure who, ended the lip touching. It had another name, but she couldn't remember. She just remembered that it was reserved for very special friends.

Friends. That's right. He was her special friend. She lost him, but he found her again. They were very special friends, and that made her smile again. She felt complete with him. His lips were moving again, making the same sounds over and over. It was fascinating. He let go over her arm, and indicated that he wanted to touch her hair. It was important to him, she just knew it was. Her hair meant something important. It seemed silly, but at the same time, made the happiness in her grow. He nodded once to him, so he touched one of the glowing flowers in her hair. He tried to pull it away, but when he did, he pulled her hair with it. A noise came from her own lips this time. A disapproving noise. She didn't like the sound, or the noise. She automatically rubbed the part of her head where the hair had been pulled out, then stuck his hand that had done the pulling. He made a disapproving noise as well, and rubbed his hand.

She no longer was smiling at him, and she knew it. She was hurt, and now wanted to be away from him. She turned around and started to walk away from him, and she heard him breath out very loudly. She walked towards the red tree with the bright blue flowers. After a moment, he was beside her, stopping her from walking forward any further. She would not look at him. She knew that it upset him when she didn't look at him, because it always showed him how upset she really was at him. But he was making those wonderful noises again, but this time they were very soft, and soothing.

She finally did look at him again, and he looked like he felt very bad for what he did. Maybe he didn't know it would hurt her? He moved closer to her, taking her arms, and putting them around his neck, while still making the soft, soothing noises. He touched there bodies, and pulled her tight against him. She liked it. It felt good. It felt right. It was a comfort, and something only shared by friends. Somehow, she just knew that's what it was, even if she didn't have a word for it yet. She let her arms slip from his neck, onto his back, and help him tighter to her. He made, what sounded like, an approving noise, and then released his hold on her. When she pulled back and looked at him, he smiled at her, and his eyes were glistening. Looking in them, she thought that they looked like the stars. So pretty, but so faraway, and very hard to reach. She knew that she was able to reach his stars though. She knew him, and he knew her, and that thought made her both happy, and sad. She didn't know why.

He took her hand and pulled on her. He wanted her to go with him. She was tired. She wanted to rest. She shook her head at him and indicated the tree, and wanted him to join her there. He looked at her with understanding, but wanted her to follow him anyway. Looking at his face, she could see that what he wanted was very important, and so she let out a large breath of air and nodded at him. In return for her accepting to go with her, he made another wonder, soft, soothing sound, touched her cheek with his hand, and touched his lips to her forehead, but only for a moment.

As they walked he interlinked their hands. She looked at their hands, and then looked at him and smiled, what she hoped would be a smile that told him how happy it made her that he did that. He smiled in return.

As they walked, she noticed that the flowers that were on her made everything around her glow. They seemed to light up the surrounding area so they could see, and she was happy for that. If she didn't have the glowing flowers on her, they wouldn't be able to see where they were going. Looking down at herself, she noticed just how many were attached to her arms, and her coverings. She looked at him, but he didn't have any flowers on him. She stopped their walked, and turn to look at him. He looked at her confused, but she walked around him in a complete circle, to find out if he had any flowers on him. He had none at all. This made her sad. He should share in the flowers too. Why can't he have some of hers? She looked down at her flowers again and tried to pull one off her arm, but it hurt, and she topped. Then she tried to pull one off her shirt, and her skirt, but the covering started to rip, so she stopped. Giving up, she looked up at him with a sad look, but all he did was smile, and make more noises at her. He then took her hand again, and they began to continue their walk.

Up in the distance, she could see a strange object. It didn't belong there. It was different from everything else around it. The object was familiar to her though. She knew the object. She felt like the object was also her friend, and also her home. She let go of his hand and ran up to the object. She placed her arms around it and tied to squeeze it to her, but it was difficult, and didn't move. It confused her. If the object was her friend, why did it not hold her tight like he did. She looked at him worried as he approached her. He smiled, made more noises, and took her hand. He touched something, and walked inside the object, pulling her with him. Once inside, she saw the difference from the outside, to the inside. It was very big. It didn't frighten her, like she knew it did the first time. This time, felt at home.

He lead her through the object, past the big, glowing upside down tree, and they walked through the object that seemed to go on forever. They came to a place with a lot of strange things and a bed that seemed to have strange arms everywhere. He took her to the bed and made noises at her again. She turned to look at him, and he looked at her expectantly. He was then patting the bed and continuing to make noises at her. Did he want her to get on the bed? Did he want something else and just was playing with the bed? She was confused. She looked at him and shook her head, letting him know she didn't understand. He nodded, and moved beside her. She watched as he bent down, and picked her up. It felt weird, and a strange noise escaped her lips. He laid her down on the bed, and looked at her for a moment. She looked back at him, and noticed that his expression change, and it made her feel shy. She looked away from him for a moment, and when she looked back, he was smiling at her. He then picked up and object and she just knew what was going to happen next. He was going to make her sleep, but she wasn't ready yet. She shook her head, and quickly sat up. She wrapped her arms around him, and pushed him away from the bed. As he was forced back, she went with him, tightening her hold on him, and wrapping her legs around his middle. She pulled back slightly, and touched her lips to his. She was scarred, and wanted to just be close to her friend before he put her to sleep.

He regained his footing, and help her to him, using her bottom, but she didn't care. She wanted comfort, and wanted to feel him. He was her comfort, and she was frightened. She felt him begin to walk slowly to the bed. She knew he would, and she won't fight him, she just wanted one last contact before going to sleep by herself again. He slowly set her back on bed, helping her lift her legs so that she could lay down, but never removing his lips from her. Once he laid her head down, he slowly removed his lips from hers. He made a very sad noise, but it was very quiet, then placed his lips on hers.

She heard a loud hiss right below her ear, and fell asleep with hi lips on her lips.


Her eyes slowly started to open. She groaned. Her head felt heavy, and it was hard to keep her eyes open. She noticed that the lights were very dim, and started to become more aware of what was around her. Her blurred vision was starting to clear a bit, and she became aware of someone moving around the room.

“What's your name?” She heard, but it sounded kind of muffled.

“Wha?” She rasped out. Mmm. Her throat was a bit soar.

“What's your name?” The much more clear voice said again.

“Anna Chancellor.” She answered.

“You wish,” Came the humored response.

“Doctor?” She started looking around, and he walked up to her bed side. He looked at her, looked at something in his hand, then set it down. “I'm so sorry,” she slightly sobbed. She didn't know why, but she felt the incredible urge to cry. She was able to calm most of it down, but not before a couple of tears escaped, and rolled down her cheeks.

The Doctor shushed her. “You don't need to be sorry. Everything is okay now.”

“No!” She said a little more vocal than she intended. “It's not okay!”

Donna struggled to sit up, and the Doctor helped her. As she sat up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. She couldn't help the sobs that came out of her as she did that.

“I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,” She sobbed.

The Doctor held her and continued to shush her until she was calm again.

Once Donna was able to control her emotions again, she slowly let go of him, bu hovered close to his face for a moment, before completely letting him go.

“Are you okay?” he asked her, concerned.

“Yeah,” she responded, but wouldn't look at him. “What happened?”

The Doctor moved away from her, and returned with a jar of blue flowers. “This happened,” he told her.

“Blue flowers. Blue flowers happened?” she wasn't convinced.

“Yes,” he said. “Well, actually, they're not 'blue flowers'. They're an organism.”

“Yeah,” Donna said, starting to think that he was messing with her for some reason, “They're flowers.”

“No, I mean they are like animals.” He corrected.

“Okay,” She waited for him to go on. He didn't. He just stared at the jar with flowers, or her hands holding the jar, she wasn't sure which.

“So, what are they?” She asked, trying to get his attention back.

He seemed to wake up from whatever thought he was having to answer her. “They're nick named 'The Blue Lost', but the actual name is 'Memoria Flos'.” He looked at her, “It mean's 'Memory Flower'.”

Donna nodded, “So, what happened?”

“Well,” The Doctor said, taking the jar of flowers and placing them on the counter. “From what I could gather, you fell asleep under the tree where they grow. Once night fell, they found you and attached themselves to you. You were new, and interesting.” He smiled at her.

She just looked at him. She wanted to say so many things, but didn't know how to start. She was to exhausted to fight right now, but wanted to know why he left her.

She made him nervous just looking at him and not saying anything. That wasn't like Donna, so he did what he did best. He continued talking. “The entire planet was kind of interesting though. It seems that in this stage of it evolution it puts off a gas similar to an anesthetic, which can cause hallucinations.”

He looked at her completely serious, and looked apologetic. She just continued to look at him, and that made him very uneasy. “Donna, I swear to you, I thought I heard you come into the TARDIS. The second I figured out that you weren't here, I went straight back for you. I would never strand you anywhere like that.”

Donna sighed. She knows the Doctor lies. He lies all the time, but she knew in that moment that he was telling her the complete truth. She fully believed him.

“Well,” she said, getting off the bed slowly. “Maybe you can make it up to me.”

“Anything. How?” He responded, making sure that she was steady on her feet before letting her walk on her own.

“Maybe a nice quiet trip to a beach somewhere. Somewhere you research thoroughly, with no surprises,” She added a with a finger pointed at him as she walked towards the door.

Before walking through it, she stopped, and turned towards the Doctor. “And Doctor?”


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For remembering me,” She said, and left the room.

The Doctor stood and looked after her, even after she had gone. “Of course I would remember you, Donna Noble. I could never forget you.”

<3<3THE END<3<3


Posted by: develish1 (develish1)
Posted at: November 2nd, 2015 08:33 pm (UTC)

ooops, I missed this somehow, sorry. it's really good though :)

Posted by: Tanya (anyagotr)
Posted at: November 3rd, 2015 04:01 am (UTC)

Better late than never, right? ;) Thank you!